Website Designing Training Course

Yarikul offers a beginners training course in Website Designing and web publishing. This course is crafted to enable you design beautiful websites. No special skills or qualifications are required to join the course.
Website Designing Training Course
Duration: – 45 SessionsCourse Contents
• Introduction to Internet
• JavaScript
• jQuery UI
• Photoshop
• Dreamweaver
• Project WorkAfter completing the course, you will be able to:
1. Understand the structure & design of websites
2. Design beautiful static websites
3. Design layouts for web applications
4. Add interactivity to web pages using client side scripting
5. Perform client side validation of forms
6. Edit images and graphics for use in websites
7. Publish websites & content on the internet
8. Understand and use web publishing & editing software packages
9. Understand and use web developer tools
10. Grasp advanced concepts of website designing & get ready to learn backend development


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